Remember Supermax, David S.Goyer's Green Arrow movie? If you've forgotten, don't beat yourself up -- I think it has vanished off the radar for most people in the last year, simply because there are too many superheroes to keep track of.

Goyer plans to break the superhero mold with his Green Arrow movie -- rather than the same old origin story, he intends to send the green-clad hero to prison after being framed for a crime. Stripped of his identity, he must team up with the supervillains he helped put away in order to regain his freedom. The Shawshank Redemption with superpowers! (Here's our original story if you want to read all the fine points.)

According to Latino Review, who read a copy of the script, the movie will be chock full of lesser DC Comics villains: Merlyn the archer, the Tattooed Man, the Aryan Nation (comprised of Iron Cross, Heatmonger and Backlash), Japanese assassin Shock Trauma, female shape-shifter Gemini, Icicle ... and a bunch more (get the full list over at LR).

But possibly, more intriguing than all the obscure characters is the possibility that Joker, Riddler and Lex Luthor are all inmates of the Supermax prison. All three appear in the script, but at this point are only cameos. I can't imagine all of these villains are going to appear on one screen, do you? And would that be the equivalent of superhero overdose?

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