With the fourth Indiana Jones film arriving in theaters this week, a single debate seems to be raging across the Internet; it rages even now over at my favorite geek haunt: Which is better, Temple of Doomor Last Crusade? I had to stay out of it because I've been pondering this Indy Week piece for too long to risk ripping off someone else's ideas. (So, Phantom Zone, consider this my two cents – and I will see you shortly!) I hope you will crave my indulgence with this piece, and not just dismiss me as that girl you hated in Old English, or rip out my heart and show it to me.

I'm a Last Crusade girl. All the way ... and it's partly nostalgia. The movie came out when I was in the best year of grade school. We all discussed it over lunch, and the best ways to reenact it on the playground. Oddly, while I got to be Kim Basinger when we played Batman, it never occurred to the boys to make me be Elsa Schneider. We were all our own versions of Indy. I remember the "name of God" scene to be one of our favorites, and we all came up with horrible creatures to be under each letter, collapsing in laughter when we decided J should be "Jack in the Box."
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