You might remember that there was another city getting an anthology treatment, but outside of the Paris and New York love. Back in March of 2007, I posted about Tokyo, an upcoming triptych about life in the Japanese city -- coming from one interesting collection of directors: Leos Carax, Michel Gondry, and The Host helmer Bong Joon-ho. Now it looks like the title has become an exclamation -- Tokyo! -- The Hollywood Reporter posts that Liberation Entertainment has picked up the North American rights to the feature, and we've finally got some segment details.

"Merde" -- Leos Carax's piece follows "a man who engages in provocative acts on the streets of Tokyo."

"Shaking Tokyo" -- The relationship piece from Bong Joon-ho, this segment focuses on a recluse who falls in love during an earthquake. I guess getting him out of his comfort zone helps matters along.

"Interior Design" -- And finally, there's Michel Gondry's piece, which is said to be "a fable that centers on a couple drifting apart." Knowing Gondry, it'll probably be much more than the story of a deteriorating relationship.

Added note: Julie Dreyfus, aka Sofie Fatale from Kill Bill, has a role in one of the segments. No specific date for the film's release has been set, but Liberation Entertainment plans to get it out by the end of the year. I'll take that as a holiday treat. How about you?
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