Any fans of the Russian Watch (Dozor) franchise out there? Anyone? Drat. Smash hits in their home country, Night Watch and Day Watch have barely blipped on the U.S. box-office radar, with the second film failing to crack $500 grand stateside. Their failure to catch on isn't really surprising -- we like fantasy, but maybe not fantasy this goofy, surreal, and (sometimes) downright abstract. And the movies are really more about Russia than an epic battle between the forces of light and dark, anyhow.

But the series is making a killing at home, as I say (Day Watch's $34 million take is a Russian record), and director Timur Bekmambetov was presumably hired to direct this summer's very American Wanted on the strength of the Watch films. Having finished frolicking with Angelina Jolie, he's finally revving up the third film in the series. The American title was previously thought to be Twilight Watch, which is what the Sergei Lukyanenko novel is called here, but according to this Screen Daily story, Fox International is going with the snappier Dusk Watch. Bekmambetov is already in preproduction on the film.

I think the movies are confusing, occasionally annoying (The Chalk of Fate? Seriously?), and weird enough to be really interesting. If the plot description (supernatural "Others" representing either the forces of light or the forces of dark hide among us, bound by a centuries-old truce that's about to be broken) sounds interesting to you, they're worth checking out, at least as curiosities.

[hat tip: Aint It Cool News]
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