Cinematical has received this brand new poster for Boy A(click image to enlarge), a film I was lucky enough to catch at this year's Tribeca Film Festival. Featuring terrific performances from Andrew Garfield (especially) and Peter Mullan, Boy A tells the story of Jack; a wounded soul who, at 24, is released from prison after serving time for a horrible crime he committed with a friend at the age of 10. Mullan plays the kid's councilor Terry; in charge of basically setting him up in a new town, with a new name and new goals to protect Jack from those who want him either dead or back in jail. Jack slowly begins to build a new life for himself; he excels at his job, makes some good friends and falls in love -- however, hidden deep inside him is a secret he can't afford to let out. Can he continue on as is, or will the truth eventually find its own brutal way of catching up to him?

Boy Ais one heckuva powerful flick (shot and edited beautifully) that creeps up on you as the drama slowly unfolds. I have no problem giving this one a strong recommendation; it hits theaters in limited release on July 23.