One would think that after Sophie's Choice, which grabbed five Oscar nominations and a leading actress win for Meryl Streep in 1982, more of William Styron's writing would get the feature treatment. So far, Sophie stands alone. There were, however, some attempts: His 1951 bestseller Lie Down in Darkness was first optioned by John Frankenheimer in the '60s, and then Jay Fuchs in the '80s, but nothing came of either attempt.

Now The Hollywood Reporter posts that the novel is getting its third adaptive stab from Boys Don't Cry producer Jeffrey Sharp. He thinks it's ripe for another try, in the wake of Atonement and the upcoming Revolutionary Road. "With those two books being turned into movies, it feels like an appropriate time to do this. The story can be told now with a modern perspective." Hmm, I wonder if that means modern "reimagining," or if it will be a period piece with a modern attitude.

Styron's first novel, written in his twenties, Darkness is about a woman named Peyton Loftis who comes from a rich and troubled family and ends up fleeing them for the New York art world. (Will Keira Knightley look into this flick too?) No writer has been tapped yet, however Styron's daughter Susanna, who is a filmmaker herself, has been tapped to help produce and be "actively involved" in the feature.
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