Cinematical has received this exclusive clip from the upcoming documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster, which premiered earlier this year to very good reviews at the Sundance Film Festival. The film, which was directed by Chris Bell and comes from the producers of Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11, takes a long, hard look at the steroids issue from all sides. When we sat down with Bell for an interview at the Tribeca Film Festival, he summed up the film in pretty simple terms: "Some guys are saying steroids will kill you and others say they'll make live longer. Who's telling the truth? We tried to study the truth so that, as an audience member, you can draw your own conclusions."

In the clip above, Bell confronts bodybuilder (and model) Christian Boeving and asks whether he thinks it's wrong to promote fitness pills, etc ... when it's clear steroids played a key role in getting his body to where it is today. As the last line in the film's synopsis so eloquently puts it, "When you discover that your heroes have all broken the rules, do you follow the rules, or do you follow your heroes?" For more, check out the film's official website.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster
arrives in theaters on May 30.