I hope you're sitting down, because I have shocking news. DreamWorks has scoured all of Japan and managed to find a Japanese film with supernatural elements that has NOT already been remade.

I know! I was as surprised as you are. It's called Yomigaeri (Resurrection), and it was a hit in Japan in 2003, picking up nominations for best director, screenplay, actress, and musical score in Japan's film awards. The film is about a village where the dead are returning to life -- not as zombies, but as regular people, inexplicably back from the great beyond, at the same age they were when they left. It's described not as a horror film but as more of an uplifting fantasy. (That makes sense: I think there really aren't any Japanese horror films that haven't already been remade.)

DreamWorks plans to get to work on the remake later this year, according to The Hollywood Reporter, with British screenwriter William Nicholson (Gladiator, Elizabeth: The Golden Age) assigned to the script.

Yomigaeri never played in the U.S. (it did make an appearance at Cannes), so I suspect I'm not alone in being unfamiliar with it. A couple of reviews, here and here, make it sound very intriguing, though, and I'm curious to see what the American version does with it.
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