No, silly, they didn't get married. Or did they? Kinda sorta maybe -- see, above you will find a photo of Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston from the set of Marley & Me. In the film, the two play a couple who embark on a series of challenges after a naughty and neurotic dog joins their family. Marley & Me is based on a book, and I know all about that book right now because my wife is reading it -- and crying, and laughing -- and saying, "OMG, this is sooooo us!" The photos come here via JustJared, and you can click on the image above or head over here to see the rest of the set. Not much -- just a group of shots showing Wilson and Aniston all dressed up and stuck in the snow. Marley & Me is currently shooting in Philadelphia and is scheduled to hit theaters on Christmas Day.
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