Universal Studios? Yawn. Disneyland? Been there. What the theme park industry needs is some fresh ideas and new blood! And what a better source for rejuvenation than the oldest movie studio in Hollywood?

Variety and the Associated Press report that Paramount Pictures will spend $1.4 billion on a theme park in Seoul, South Korea, scheduled to open in 2011. It'll be the first Hollywood-produced theme park in that country (Universal and MGM have announced plans, too), and Paramount's first theme park anywhere**. About 30 attractions are planned, based primarily on Paramount products such as Mission: Impossible and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. (Not Indiana Jones, though -- Disney already snatched that one up.)

Sounds OK, but why Korea? As in all matters of real estate, it's location, location, location. South Korea is situated right between Japan (whose citizens often have lots of tourism dollars to spend) and China (whose citizens are numerous). Southern California might seem like a more obvious choice, but have you been to L.A. lately? There's not a piece of undeveloped land there big enough for a Starbucks anymore, let alone an amusement park.

Defamer has a snarky post suggesting rides for the new park, including "The Sonny Corleone Tollbooth Adventure" and "There Will Be Fun! Daniel Plainview Musical Revue." I'd contribute some of my own, but the last thing I would ever want to do is make fun of Paramount. I won't stop you, though.

**Actually, as some commenters have pointed out, this isn't entirely true. Paramount bought several already-operating theme parks in the early '90s and installed a few movie-related attractions in them before finally selling the entire chain in 2006. The South Korea project will be Paramount's first entirely movie-related theme park, and the first one to be built specifically for Paramount rather than acquired later.
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