Another one might be biting the dust. The Hollywood Reporter posts that the Canadian distributor Christal Films, who have distributed films like Congorama, has received bankruptcy protection with the Quebec Superior Court, and it has 30 days to get things in order. Things just aren't going smoothly for movie companies this year, both in Canada and stateside. (This comes on the heels of ThinkFilm closing its Toronto office.)

Christal suffered a big blow last year when Toronto's Maple Pictures, who have Canadian rights to Lionsgate's films, took their business to Christal's competitor, Seville Pictures. Variety, meanwhile, blames "changes within the film industry," and says this is limiting their profit margins.

The company's hardships have led to 14 staff members being pink-slipped, as well as the company having to give up rights to both My Blueberry Nights and Paris. However, Christal says this bankruptcy business will not affect Christal Films Productions.
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