I guess Elizabeth Swann is part of the powers that be at Disneyland. Jack Sparrow has had his rum taken away once again. Over at the Disney Blog, there's a post talking about an ex-Sparrow entertainer from the park, who says that Disney wanted their iconic character toned down. "Don't be flirtatious." "See women as trouble." And best of all -- don't mention drinking.

In other words: Don't be Jack Sparrow.

Considering the fact that this is based on a ride where all the pirates drink, and that any Sparrow fans out there have already seen him in action -- flirting and drinking -- this is one of the silliest bits of moral control that I've seen in a while. If a drunk pirate hero really isn't the type of dude Disney wants mingling with the kids, perhaps that should have been figured out a long time ago, before the film and the ride? And anyway, when did flirting become something inappropriate for kids?

I mean, sure, going through that ride a number of times as a kid, I got meself an eye patch, couldn't stop saying ARR!, and slept with a bottle of rum rather than a bear, but what's wrong with that?