Oh, May 25, 1977. I was gearing up to be born, but for most of you, this is the day that brought us Star Wars -- the film that would create oodles of fans gushing over the likes of Han, Luke, and Leia, and later make them cry with three not-as-good-as-they-maybe-coulda-been prequels. The date is also going to be the focus of a movie that's been brewing for a long while now.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that the WMA/Hannaywood Ltd.'s Beverly Bridge Fund is completing the financing for 77 -- an autobiographical indie that focuses on Patrick Read Johnson's time in Hollywood with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. This used to be 5-25-77, which Jessica shared a poster for over a year ago. Now, finally, the film is on its way. BBF is handing over $200,000 in funding and prepping the long-awaited film for a Toronto debut, presumably this year.

John Francis Daley
(Freaks and Geeks) stars as Johnson, a sci-fi-loving teen in Illinois who has his life changed by Star Wars. The film has Austin Pendleton and Colleen Camp as his parents (although Carrie Fisher was offered the role of mom), plus Scrubs janitor Neil Flynn as a Dr. Callahan. Right now, it's being described as "an American Graffiti-style film about the people who made American Graffiti."

Hopefully this will finally get the film out there.
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