You could put Zooey Deschanel in a 50-minute black and white silent film about brick walls and I'd still watch that sucker 10 times. Excuse me? What's a stalker? Ahem. Above you will find the trailer for The Go-Getter, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival wayyy back in 2007, and appears to be finally seeing the light of day. I, personally, haven't seen this movie, but James wasn't crazy about the film in his review; saying "this isn't filmmaking any more than unpacking an Ikea box and busting out the Allen key is to making furniture." However, Peter from Slashfilm announced it as one of his favorites from the year; calling it "Garden State meets Into the Wild."

Lou Taylor Pucci stars as a dude who steals a car and heads out on a road trip to find his brother following his mother's death. According to the trailer, along the way he meets up with Jena Malone, meets up with Maura Tierney, and all the while continues to build a phone relationship with the girl whose car he stole (played by my gal Zooey). The Go-Getter does look to have a bangin' soundtrack and some interesting cinematography, so it seems worth checking out. For you. Me? I was sold on starring Zooey Deschanel. (But I'm easy like that.)