I can't say this is absolutely the strangest idea for a musical that I've heard of -- not since someone did a pop opera about Jerry Springer -- but it's high on the list. David Henry Hwang is writing the script for a Broadway musical based on the life of martial-arts film icon Bruce Lee. Currently being called Bruce Lee: Journey to the West, the show is scheduled to make its New York debut sometime in the 2010-2011 theater season.

According to Variety, the show will incorporate Lee's biography with elements from the Monkey King story of Chinese mythology. BBC News adds that the musical will include martial arts, Chinese opera, modern dance, and pop music. So, yeah, it gets weirder the more I hear about it. (That same BBC News article mentions someone is writing a musical about Nelson Mandela, too, by the way.)

The songs for Hwang's script are being written by David Yazbek, who is no stranger to movie-related Broadway shows. He also wrote the tunes for the stage versions of The Fully Monty and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, earning Tony nominations for both.

Bruce Lee died in 1973 of a swelling of the brain, though conspiracy theories about his sudden passing have abounded ever since. How the Monkey King and modern dance fits in to all that, I don't know.
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