When I first heard that Hilary Swank was going to take on Amelia Earhart for a new film, Amelia, I looked at pictures of both of them. While I'm not a big fan of Swank's period work, there's no denying that they hold a decent resemblance. Then there were thepics that popped up last month -- not too bad. But holy crap, I really don't like the new image of her as Earhart.

Cinema Blend threw up a picture of Swank that apparently popped up in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. It looks like Swank is wearing either a hideous knit cap made by grandma, or a weaved Halloween placemat on her head. Man, they should have stuck with the leather flier's cap. CB also pointed out that it's a fairly ... awkward ... picture of her as it is. All around, it looks like a total mess. I guess they're waiting awhile, but if they really wanted to make people excited, show her in the whole flying getup. Even if the film is all about the romance, give people the Amelia everyone remembers.
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