I've pretty much taken any opportunity I could get to praise Guy Maddin, and this is no exception. I've reviewed the film from TIFF. I've shared the exclusive poster. And now, you can check out the trailer for My Winnipeg above.

If you're a Maddin fan, a simple text description is enough to begin imagining what the filmmaker would create with his ode to the cold city of Winnipeg, but the trailer is still so very sweet. It offers quick blips to a lot of the film's most memorable moments -- from train rides, to Mom's knowledge of the back seat, to man pageants, to to the other wonders of snowy, sleepwalking Winnipeg. The only thing that's missing is Guy Maddin offering a live narration. If only we could bottle him up and let him out to perform the film whenever we'd want to see it.

Go see it. How can you resist the above? The film is schedule to hit theaters June 13.