Our friends over at MTV have revealed a new clip from The Incredible Hulk, and dare I say it's pretty darn incredible. A lot of folks aren't feelin' this flick, but after watching some footage at New York Comic Con, I've been trying to convince you all that it looks pretty damn cool (especially for a big, summer popcorn film). Lots of special effects, lots of badass fight scenes -- guns, bullets, monsters and lovely women: How is that NOT a recipe for success? Anyway, in the clip above, Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) approaches Hulk on that big field after the green guy went to battle against a whole lotta military muscle. Just as they're about to have "a moment," however, a helicopter swoops in, firing bullets and whatnot. Yeah, not a problem for Mr. Hulk. I won't spoil the rest; you folks can check that out for yourselves.

The Incredible Hulk smashes into theaters on June 13.

Update:Yahoo has a brand new clip too -- featuring Abomination!