Nailedis one film that is not going to catch a break. It was already shut down once by SAG because the movie's funding had not set enough money aside for the actors. That was cleared up, only to have it shut down a second time when IATSE members (solid, behind-the-scenes people like stagehands and technicians) revealed they weren't being paid.

Now, Nikke Finke is reporting the film has been shut down a third time, again by the IATSE who have ordered their members off because they still aren't being paid.

Of course, the longer the film is shut down, the more money it loses. A vicious cycle, really. But if it makes Russell feel better, there are several indie films suffering. Capitol Films is apparently going through a financial upheaval and several films have met the same fate as Nailed.
Who knows which indie flicks could bite the dust in the following weeks?

At this point, all the actors are bravely hanging in, although production will probably be delayed about two weeks. Even though I haven't been 100% behind the concept, even if it is Russell, I hate to see little films die off. Plus, this is being filmed right next door to where a good friend of mine resides, and he promised to keep me (and you guys) updated. So here's wishing the best.

[via CHUD]
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