No, this won't be a healthy serving of star-crossed love between a US soldier and an Iraqi girl. Instead we're jumping back in time just a little bit. Variety reports that an upcoming European and Iraqi co-production based on Shakespeare's famous romance, called The Flowers of Kirkuk. Iranian-born filmmaker Fabrizia Falzetti is helming the feature, with Hafsia Hersi attached to star.

The backdrop is not pretty -- the romance will take place during Saddam Hussein's ethnic cleansing in Kurdistan. Kirkuk was one of the cities that Saddam used chemical weapons against in the early '80s, and the romance will be between "a young woman from Baghdad and a Kurdish doctor who is trying to save the victims of Saddam's attacks." That's just a little more than warring families.

This film isn't just a political piece in plot -- Variety says that the project is being co-produced by Hero Talabani, wife of Iraqi president Jala Talabani. Right now, they're looking for extras by airing ads on Talabani's satellite channel, and hopefully we will hear more soon, especially once they find a Romeo.
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