A new, R-rated Russian trailer for Wanted has found its way online, and it really is worth a watch. Honestly, it looks like an entirely different movie, more along the gritty lines of Timur Bekmambetov's style in Night Watch than the slickness the American trailers imply. It gives a whole new depth to James McAvoy's character, too. And Angelina Jolie doesn't show up until halfway through, which is just kind of funny to me.

But the best part? (Well, besides the gore.) We actually get a glimpse of Konstantin Khabensky, the tormented lead of Night Watch. I was beginning to wonder if he made the final cut; here's hoping he has a decent role and not just the two seconds shown in the trailer.

Wanted opens June 27th -- and I might be more inclined to see it after this. I wonder if it can convince others. So far even my McAvoy obsessed sister is dismissing it. For R-rated purposes, we've included the trailer after the jump (though be aware that it is R-rated and does include violence).