I know your mind is probably on a different Indy right now, but won't you spare a moment for The (Mostly) Indie Film Calendar? It's our weekly round-up of movie events happening beyond the multiplexes -- and if you know of something that we should include in a future edition (special screenings, retrospectives, mini-festivals, etc.) let me know! Send links or info to Eric.Snider (at) Weblogsinc (dot) com.

First up, four indie films are hitting theaters this week, and none of them have snakes or Nazis.
  • Postal is the latest video-game-based film from German attention whore Uwe Boll, whose most recent shenanigans involve declaring his inability to secure wide release for the film a "conspiracy." The film may be atypical, but it's definitely independent. It's opening today in just four theaters, in New York, L.A., Denver, and Austin.
  • War, Inc. stars John Cusack, who also co-wrote it, and it's a scathing political satire about war profiteers. Most of the reviews so far are negative, including the one from Cinematical's Joel Keller, who really, really hated it. But I note that the critics who liked it really, really liked it. There doesn't seem to be any middle ground here. Opens in New York and L.A. today.

After the jump, two more indie film in theaters, plus our city-by-city list of special events....