What kind of horror movie can you get from the uninitiated? We're about to find out.

The Hollywood Reporter posted an interview with Wim Wenders yesterday, which discusses his current Cannes film, Palermo Shooting. However, in this whirlygig of conversational fun, the director also talks his next film.

"But my next film will be a genre movie. Full on. It will be a horror film." But wait, he goes on to say: "Horror is one genre that is used much less than others to transport other things. Lots of people have used great thrillers to transport political messages but the horror film is rarely used to transport anything but fear." Wenders has made a bunch of great films and has a good deal of talent, so I'm going to assume that he just hasn't seen very many scary movies, and has based his opinion on minimal fact.

Heck, I'm picky with my horror movies, and I've seen a good deal of political and social commentary in a number of them. Anyhow, it gets more interesting. It's called Miso Soup, and will be based on "the famous Japanese novel." I assume that means that it's In the Miso Soup, about a Japanese tour guide who is leading around a disturbing American client who might be a murderer, and has superhuman strength and metallic skin (vampire perhaps?).

What really makes this intriguing, regardless of Wenders' lacking horror knowledge -- Willem Dafoe is attached to star. Production will begin in Tokyo next spring.
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