He is 29 years old, tall and slender, well dressed and impeccably groomed, a very modern gangster. He collects debts, not by breaking kneecaps, but by stripping to his underwear in the debtor's apartment and demanding a massage from the man's teenage daughter. He inspires his gang with a simple homily over dinner: "A family is a mouth that eats from the same table." And he explodes instantly into bloody, teeth-shattering violence whenever the situation demands.

He is Byung-doo (Jo In-seong), the central character in A Dirty Carnival, and he is eager for more. His mid-level boss, Sang-chul (Yun Je-mun), pays him poorly while living high on the hog; Byung-doo wants to do better for the men under him as well as provide for his disapproving family. He discovers a way to move up by doing a deadly favor for top dog Boss Kwang (Cheon Ho-jin), but that incurs Sang-chul's wrath, and soon Byung-doo is descending further into a moral quagmire. Childhood friends Min-ho (Nam-gung Min) and Hyun-joo (Lee Bo-yeong) resurface to provide distraction: Min-ho is a creatively struggling filmmaker seeking an insider perspective on gangsters, while the lovely, respectable Hyun-joo is the object of a lifelong crush.
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