How did the remake of a wildly popular Asian romantic comedy end up going direct to video? We'll have a chance to examine the wreckage for ourselves when My Sassy Girl, starring Elisha Cuthbert and Jesse Bradford, hits DVD on August 26. Grady Hendrix at Kaiju Shakedowncomments: "I thought this was a bad idea, but then I saw the trailer. " If you follow that link to YouTube and watch the woe-begotten thing to the end, you are very brave and I salute your adventuresome nature. To be absolutely fair, it could be that the movie is terrific and the trailer is a terrible misrepresentation of its merits, but I wouldn't risk a rental on it.

Though I admit to a knee-jerk suspicion about English-language remakes of foreign-language pictures, in this case I wasn't a big fan of the Korean original, which was a box office smash in its native land in the summer of 2001. It was also a big hit in Hong Kong the following year, and US festival audiences lapped it up (e.g. it won the Audience Award at the first New York Asian Film Festival). Personally, I thought the humor was too over the top and the basic premise too difficult to swallow. (Here's a review I wrote in 2002.) That might make me receptive to a remake, but it doesn't look like director Yann Samuell or scripter Victor Levin licked the problems I saw in the original.
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