This week I'm feeling kind of fond of the fauna. Here are five trailers for films related to the animal kingdom.

The Dark Knight

Bats: nocturnal flying mammals who occasionally star in hotly anticipated summer blockbusters. I know I'm not the only one who's been waiting for this one ever since the end credits rolled on Batman Begins. Once again Christian Bale dons the cape and cowl of the tortured Batman, this time to do battle with Heath Ledger's sublimely psychotic Joker. This newest trailer gives us plenty of both hero and villain, as well as what appears to be the start of District Attorney Harvey Dent's (Aaron Eckhart) career as Two-Face. Michael Caine is also back as Alfred, and as much as I liked Michael Gough in the role, now I can't imagine anyone else polishing the silver at Wayne Manor. July 18 can't come fast enough. Here's Elisabeth's take.

Eagle Eye
You know that scene in The Matrix where Morpheus calls Neo on the cell phone and tries to instruct him on how to get out of the office before The Agents find him? That's exactly what this trailer plays like. Shia Labeouf plays a character who suddenly finds an extra three-quarters of a million dollars in his bank account and he comes home to find his apartment filled with a couple metric tons of terrorist accoutrement's like explosives and automatic weapons. A mysterious voice calls him and tells him that the FBI will be there in moments. Arrested and framed, he must go undercover with a terrorist organization to clear his name. I was intrigued until I found out this was from D.J. Caruso, the man behind the stunningly mediocre Disturbia. Still, the trailer is kind of cool and the cast also includes Rosario Dawson and Billy Bob Thornton. Eagle Eye starts playing U.S. theaters on September 26. Here's what Erik thought of the trailer.