There's something in the air with unfinished novels hitting the big screen. We've got The Garden of Eden on the way, an unfinished work by Ernest Hemingway, and now we're getting some unfinished Albert Camus. Variety reports that Italian director Gianni Amelio (The Stolen Children) is going to shoot a French-language adaptation, that he has penned, of Camus' last novel, The First Man, with Claudia Cardinale (Son of the Pink Panther) signed on to star.

In 1960, Camus was killed in a car accident outside of Paris, just three years after he won the Nobel prize. He left, unfinished, The First Man;an autobiographical novel about the writer's childhood in Algeria, using a young man named Jacques Cormery, which was found in a briefcase in the mud at the site of the accident. Unlike his philosophical work, Man was being written to be "heavy with things and flesh," and focused on the myriad of aspects of childhood -- from school to familial relationships on an African landscape.

As of now, the project is sorting through location challenges since the film "has to be partly shot in Algeria," so there's no word on when production will begin. As for Cardinale, I imagine she'll play Jacques' mother in the feature.
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