...and here is another round of Variety casting bites:

Last July, Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort nabbed herself a super gig as the role of Supergirl in Smallville. Now it seems that she's heading for the seas. She's scored a lead role in Into the Blue 2. Vandervoort will play a girl on a professional scuba team who get hired to find Columbus' hidden treasure. I guess there was more to the story than the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.

Meanwhile, that Scott Caan-written story Mercy has got itself a leading lady. Wendy Glenn, who recently played Isabella in The L Word (who played Bev in Lez Girls), will play the title role, who is the love interest of Caan's character. The story is about a cynical writer who writes about love, but doesn't believe it until ... Mercy.

Lastly, there's Kerry Washington. She played Della Bea Robinson in Ray, Jasmine in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Alicia Masters in Fantastic Four, and Kay Amin in The Last King of Scotland. Now she gets to be married to a doomed husband. She's signed on to play Eddie Murphy's wife in the comedy A Thousand Words. Her character wants her husband to settle down and spend more time with the family, but I doubt he'll have much to say about it, since the guy finds out that he'll die after he utters his next one thousand words.
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