Well, he played the role of one playboy successfully -- why couldn't he take on another? That seems to be the buzz this weekend, and the Chicago Sun Times reports that Playboy magazine's Hugh Hefner is very interested in having Robert Downey Jr. play him in an upcoming biopic after watching the actor shine on screen in Iron Man. Granted, Hefner is no Tony Stark -- however, I imagine each has slept with roughly the same amount of women.

According to the paper, a rep for Downey Jr. said the actor is interested but still waiting to see a script and hear who's directing it. Oh, that's right my friends -- Brett Ratner is no longer attached to the project (so says the Chicago Sun Times), though there's a chance he may return. The film, which has the working title of Playboy, will most probably track the long (and very successful) life of Hugh Hefner. Leonardo DiCaprio was once rumored to be in the running to play Hef as well.

Could you see Downey Jr. as Hef? If not, who?

[via JoBlo]
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