A bunch of clips from the upcoming The Incredible Hulk have been scattered all over the Internet for Memorial Day weekend. We linked to both the MTV clip and Yahoo's clip the other day, and now there's another one up at MySpace (which also happens to be the same one IGN was carrying). The Yahoo one is the most spectacular because Hulk fashions boxing gloves out of a common, every day object. He may not say "Hulk Smash!" but here, action speaks louder.

In this clip, Hulk goes up against Emil Blonsky before he becomes Abomination, but after he's injected with that super power serum. That's why he can do some pretty cool things, while not looking like a monster. As with the MTV clip, we're still on that big field and there's one heckuva fight going down.

At least there's plenty of smashing in this version! If nothing else, it will be much more exciting than Lee's. We'll find out June 13th.