(I know Erik already started a discussion thread on
Crystal Skull, but I thought we could do one more now that the weekend is over and everyone has seen the flick. And by "everyone," I mean the hardcore movie nerds who read Cinematical on holiday weekends.)

It's been a long time coming, but Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has finally arrived. The critics have had their say, the opening weekend-ers have made their box office contributions, and everyone at Paramount is enjoying an early Christmas. But now comes the fun part: What did WE think of the movie? I mean, the original Indiana Jones flicks are among the most-discussed movies online, so I'd expect there to be LOTS of colorful reactions to Indy 4. (My thoughts are available here, and Mr. James Rocchi's right here.)

Did you dig Shia? Were you disappointed in Cate Blanchett's baddie? Were you irked by the three waterfalls? Captivated by the jungle chase? Sickened by the monkey swing? Did you miss Sallah? Did the "Dad and Brody are Dead" scene feel a little ... clunky to you? Did you hate the CGI? Did the fire ants remind you of The Mummy Returns? Isn't it horrifying when a Spielberg film reminds you of a Sommers film? Did you find the movie a little anti-climactic? Did you enjoy the romantic angle of the final scene? Do you think aliens "fit" into the Indiana Jones universe? How COOL was it to see Marion again? How pointless did you find Ray Winstone's character? And what was with the prairie dogs???

And the golden question: Where does this movie "rank" next to the others? For me it's simple: Raiders is the king and the other three are well-polished toys. (NOTE: The comments section will be awash in spoilers.)
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