Now here's a dubious distinction: 1982's Boarding House ("Where the rent won't kill you, but something else will"), just out from Code Red DVD claims to be the first horror film to be shot on video, and this little oddity actually played theaters for a time. If you've never seen old school video tape blown up to 35 millimeter and projected on the big screen, you would be surprised at just how hideous the final product is. I saw the Rolling Stones documentary/concert film Gimme Shelter which was transferred this way, and I was amazed how grainy and washed out the image was. Code Red has made a smart decision going back to the original video materials rather than using the version that had been transferred to film, as was done with the old Paragon Video VHS tape (a release that the filmmakers insist was done illegally). The video version isn't perfect either, but this is probably the best this film will ever look.
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