Can a love story for the geriatric set be as engaging as an affair romp about sexy young people? It certainly can, at least in Andreas Dresen's brave, remarkable Wolke 9 (Cloud Nine), a tale about an older woman who has an affair and falls in love with an even older man. The film opens as Inge (Ursula Werner), a seamstress, delivers a pair of pants to Karl (Hosrt Westphal). He tries on the pants, she makes an adjustment, and next thing you know, the two of them are rolling around on the floor in the throes of torrid passion.

Inge returns to her husband, Werner (Horst Rehberg), and tries to slip back into her day-to-day existence, but she can't get Karl out of her head, nor can he just forget about her. As the two continue their affair, Inge struggles with her feelings of betraying her husband of 30 years, but can't let go of the joy she finds in her relationship with the charming and affable Karl.

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