Just when you thought it was over, we have even more Incredible Hulk clips to show you! Moviefone has unveiled some brand new footage from the flick (watch it above or in HD over on Moviefone); this time, we're at the very beginning of that field sequence when the military folks trap Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) in a glass tube thing. Once he's in there, they shoot some sort of smoke gas stuff in to try to flush him out. Only ... they look a bit surprised with what actually comes out. This clip follows several others that have made their way online in the past few days; for more, check out this post and this post. Additionally, Dark Horizons has a great write-up on a recent Hulk edit bay visit, where they were shown the opening sequence. I know a lot of you are coming down on the special effects, the way the Hulk looks, what have you -- but I'm diggin' what I've seen from this film so far. The all CG superhero is a hard one to pull off, so my fingers are crossed this works out for everyone.

The Incredible Hulk
debuts in theaters on June 13.

Update: MSN has also debuted a pretty cool clip as well.