I'm sure this has happened before -- in fact, I seem to remember X-Men posters long before Wolverine was definitively cast, but it is a first for me on Cinematical. Weeks after Top Cow and Platinum Studios announced an upcoming Witchblade movie, a teaser poster has surfaced courtesy of the newly launched official site. The lead actress has not even been cast, no rumors have even reached my ears (which doesn't mean a darn thing) ... but here she is, in all of her sexy glory. What I want to know is what unlucky girl gets to pose for the poster, but not land the lead role. She's lovely, who ever she is.

It's nice to know that the team behind the movie has resisted the Hollywood urge to mess with an iconic superhero costume -- or in this case, the lack of. As this poster is definitely not safe for work, young eyes, or the easily offended, you'll have to click on it to see a larger version. Sigh. This is definitely not what I had in mind when I begged for a superchick movie.