Talking with a friend after watching Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, we agreed it was time to retire some of these old classic franchises once and for all. Personally, I could live with a new Indy, a new Die Hard, a new Rambo and a new Rocky -- but once you touch my beloved Back to the Future franchise, well, we've got problems. Thankfully, according to BTTF co-writer-producer Bob Gale, a fourth installment in the series will not be happening anytime soon. reports back from a special screening/cast reunion last month in which Gale squashed sequel rumors right from the get-go: "Let me answer one question before anyone asks it, which is, 'Is there ever be a Back to the Future Part IV?'", Gale began, before answering, "No."

He continued, "Well now, wait a minute now. We've all seen sometimes where they make one too many sequels and you say, 'Maybe they shouldn't have done that.' I'm not going to name any names of movies, but you know what they are! But more importantly, as I'm sure you all know, Michael J. Fox is not in the best of shape with his Parkinson's. The idea of making another Back to the Future movie without Michael J. Fox - you know, that's like saying 'I'm going to cook you a steak dinner and I'm going to hold the beef.' You can't do that."

Amen to that! Fans, of course, moaned and groaned when Gale said there wouldn't be a sequel -- but if you're really a hardcore fan of this series, how could you want one? Seriously now ... let it go.

[via Moviehole]
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