Quentin Tarantino's been talking up his WWII drama Inglorious Bastards for God knows how long. Last we heard he was buried in the script, with nothing concrete planned in the immediate future. Now, in a Cannes interview (via JoBlo), Tarantino has pronounced that he's finished a draft of the script (that was fast) and "if all goes well, I will be here, in Cannes, in 2009 with Inglorious Bastards."

Now, the only director I know who could take a largely uncast World War II movie from first draft to Cannes-ready cut in the span of 12 months is Steven Soderbergh, and he's busy figuring out what to do with Che. His prediction that he'll have Inglorious Bastards in next year's Cannes was, it seems to me, either hubris, excitement-of-the-moment hyperbole, or a straight-up lie. Still, the fact that he seems to be committed to doing this project -- or any project -- next is exciting in itself. I watched the standalone cut of Death Proof for the first time last week, and it's an astonishing piece of filmmaking. I think his work this century -- particularly Death Proof and Kill Bill Vol. 2 -- has been even more exciting than his legendary 90s stuff.

Inglorious Bastards will be about a group of Allied soldiers who volunteer for a suicide mission as a reprieve from execution for various misdeeds. Tarantino took the title from this 1978 Enzo Castellari film, though he doesn't intend it as a remake.
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