The hype surrounding Indiana Jones' return is beginning to subside; now come the recriminations and fanatic defenses of the movie, but the thrill is gone. And before Lucas and Spielberg get bored and confirm a fifth Indiana Jones movie, I'd like to take this moment to offer up another reboot to Paramount.

It is time to bring back Lara Croft.

Last week, she came up again and again on the list of Indy rip-offs, which is a sad state of affairs. She's come down in the world since her 1996 debut. Croft used to be everywhere – magazine covers, t-shirts, posters; she may have originated as a blatant borrowing of Indy, but she quickly took on a pop culture life of her own. From her aqua tank-top to her twin automatics, Lara quickly escaped her progenitor's shadow, and very nearly approaches the iconic status of Indiana himself. While much of it was undoubtedly due to her impressive, er, attributes, I would also like to believe that people flocked to embrace her because she is cool and revolutionary. Marion Ravenwood and Indiana Jones combined, but with better weaponry.
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