Quick, what's the first Disney live-action character you can think of that deserves to be the subject of a graphic novel? In the past, a series of Disney comics were published based on cartoon characters, but now Walt Disney Studios has formed Kingdom Comics with one of the goals being to "re-imagine and rejuvenate movies from the Disney 'vault,' the company's library of live action films," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Will we be seeing Old Yellerre-imagined as an avenging canine superhero? Will Pollyannabe rejuvenated as a butt-kicking young woman who insists that everyone look on the bright side of life? Disney has produced more than 200 live-action properties over the years -- check out a list of 30 favorites from UltimateDisney-- so there's plenty to choose from.

The other goal of Kingdom Comics "is to create titles that will be the basis of new film projects for the studio." (Disney's newest division will be headed up by Ahmet Zappa (!), veteran executive Harris Katleman and writer-editor Christian Beranek. No writers or artists have been announced.

What titles in Disney's vault would you like to see 're-imagined and rejuvenated' with a fresh, contemporary approach? Or should they just leave well enough alone? As a starting point, Monika recently listed seven awesome live-action kid adventures, but feel free to come up with your own.
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