Well, Ray Manzarek has lit my fire.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that The Doors keyboardist is planning a documentary about the band's career, marking the 41st anniversary of the epic, self-titled album from the band. While he won't go specifically into what the documentary will cover, he says it will definitely have rare footage: "Absolutely -- that's the whole point of it. Never before seen! This is the anti-Oliver Stone. This will be the true story of the Doors."

Now, I have to give Stone's version some love, as it helped me to realize that my father had some kickass, old-school tastes, and that there was more to music than '80s crap. But Manzarek isn't just handing over more Doors goodness -- the documentary includes interviews with two ever-wonderful music men -- Henry Rollins and Perry Farrell. If John Frusciante is included anywhere in this, my inner fangirl might cause me to pass out.

But that's not all -- it seems Manzarek has got a few scripts he's working on. Sometime down the road we might see "L.A. Woman" become a feature film, or a story about some UCLA film students who take peyote with Native Americans in the desert.
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