Though they're apparently still very busy in the early planning stages on that Barbarella remake, that's not stopping the dynamo team of Robert Rodrizguez and Rose McGowan from moving ahead on another project. This one, however, is for the small screen. The Hollywood Reporterconfirmed a story AICN ran last week about how Rodriguez is shopping a spec script written by Josh Miller and Mark Fortin called Women in Chains to a number of different networks. Essentially, it's a female prison drama -- or as AICN calls it: "... a show with Sadistic Guards, Cafeteria Hosedowns, Mud Wrestling, Violent Vendettas - a women in prison exploitation show called WOMEN IN CHAINS!"

The idea is for Rodrizguez to direct and McGowan to star as "one of five chained women at the center of the show ..." Right on! It's like Desperate Housewives for women who hate Desperate Housewives! Unfortunately, as dirty and nutty as this one sounds, it doesn't look like HBO will be picking it up; THR notes they've already snagged Bad Girls, an American version of the British female prison drama. Knowing Rodriguez and McGowan, though, one hopes this lands at a network that likes to take risks.

Here's my question: What's up with all the female prison dramas? Have we all been itching for a little female-on-female gang violence mixed with the personal stories of five women just trying to make it through each day without being shanked?
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