I've just realized -- Sarah Jessica Parker being surrounded by (or wearing) atrocious clothing is nothing new. Does anyone remember Girls Just Want to Have Fun? I was always obsessed with Lynne's velcro and never thought about how SJP has been doing the terrible fashion trends for years. Her Janey Glen was fairly run-of-the-mill, but check out the clip above, which dips into just about every god-awful fashion nugget of the '80s.

Sex and the City opens this week, and in honor of the release, Moviefone has put up a Before They Had Sex for the cast, highlighting early roles for each one of the sexy stars. Of course, Sarah Jessica Parker got her dance on in this and Footloose, but the rest of the ladies had their share retro fare as well, from Kim Cattrall's infamous stint in Porky's, to Cynthia Nixon in Little Darlings, as I shared before. Some of them have come a long way, and some, well, they're staying true to form.

Care to list a favorite role ... or four?