The last time Willem Dafoe appeared on the big screen as a vampire, he was Nosferatu, and his performance scored him an Oscar nomination. Now he's got not one, but two vampire films on the way. Daybreakers has entered post-production, and now ShockTillYouDrop reports that Dafoe has signed on for a role in Paul Weitz's Cirque du Freak.

The film focuses on a kid who visits a freak show with his best friend, and then has to become an assistant to the vampire Mr. Crepsley to save his bud's life -- which means leaving his family and life forever. While in the freak show, he ends up in the center of a vampiric turf war. Dafoe will play Gavner Perl -- a Vampire General and old friend of Crepsley's.

This whole production just got even sweeter. Other names attached to the film include Salma Hayek, John C. Reilly, Jane Krakowski, Ken Watanabe, and Patrick Fugit.
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