The Incredible HulkIt seems like just yesterday that the Interwebs were buzzing about the casting of Edward Norton as Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk (or as the French would say, Hulk Incroyable!).

In theaters June 13, this new Hulk movie sees Banner trying desperately to "cure" himself of the gamma radiation that unleashes the not-so-jolly green giant within, all the while struggling with his secret identity, dodging the industrial military complex, pining for his true love (Liv Tyler) and confronting a nasty enemy known as The Abomination (Tim Roth).

Who better to play such a multi-faceted Hulk than the versatile Norton, an actor who lives to play complex characters? How did he approach playing the role -- and what was his interpretation of the line "HULK SMASH!"?

You don't have to wonder -- you can ask him yourself. Edward Norton, Liv Tyler and director Louis Leterrier (known for the Transporter movies) have just agreed to huddle for Moviefone's Unscripted series, in which they'll interview each other using your questions.

You know what to do. Ask your question for any one of the three (or all three!) in the comments below, and be sure to include your first name and your city and state; then come back here on June 9 to see if your question got asked. The interview's happening on Monday, June 2 -- so submit by Monday morning, or else you'll make Hulk mad. And you wouldn't want to make him mad, would you?
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