New Line has released info on the DVD for Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (which hits streets on July 29th), and apparently there will be some sorta Choose Your Own Adventure device worked in. The folks over at DVD Active don't mention this aspect of the DVD, but they do give us some specs (on both the DVD and Blu-ray disc): "Extras on the 2-disc will include a commentary with the director and stars, a second commentary with the director, the real "Harold Lee" and the guy who plays George W. Bush, a World of Harold and Kumar featurette, 27 Additional Scenes, and a Bush PSA."

Notice those additional 27 scenes? Yeah, well Slashfilm tells us another feature listed is one called "Dude, Change the Movie!" They say we'll be able "to select from new and alternate scenes to change the course of the film." One can only imagine how many people will get [some] baked [goods] and have a blast messing with the film, swapping scenes out, etc ...

I had a good time with Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay when a bunch of us caught it back at SXSW. Of course, at the time, we saw it at the Alamo (a great theater for munchies) and were all high on excitement. Ya know ... we were excited about being in Austin. Very excited. DVD hits on July 29.
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