When I say "Platinum Dunes," you probably think "horror remake" -- which only makes sense since PD is the production company that brought you The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hitcher, and The Amityville Horror. (Plus they also have Friday the 13th and The Birds on the way.) But it sure looks like Platinum bosses Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller are trying to deliver some (relatively) original product. They've already got David Goyer's The Unborn in production ... and now they're signed up to deliver Ouija Board: The Movie. (title not official)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ouija will hit the big screen courtesy of Platinum Dunes, Universal Pictures, Hasbro, and producer / screenwriter David Berenbaum. (His credits include Elf and The Spiderwick Chronicles.) No director has been named yet, and the top secret premise is being described as "a supernatural adventure..." I smell a PG-13 horror flick.

All I know is I hope it's better than Witchboard.
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