These days, special features and behind-the-scenes featurettes are an expected part of the movie experience. I know I'm not the only one who has held off on buying bare-bones discs, even if I loved the movie (like, oh, Kill Bill). The hows, the whys, and the real people behind the film are now a part of the experience, and maybe this is why a behind-the-scenes film of Marilyn Monroe on the set of The Misfits is going on the auction block.

Jam! Showbiz reports that On Set with The Misfits -- two color reels of silent footage weighing in at 47 minutes -- will be auctioned off with bids starting between $10,000 and $20,000. It's being listed through Julien's Auctions, appropriately at Planet Hollywood in Vegas. It seems that Stanley Floyd Kilarr (an amateur photographer) shot the scenes during the making of Misfits -- which was the last completed film for both Monroe and Clark Gable. (Clark had his fourth heart attack soon after and died on November 16, 1960.) "The video shows the actors preparing for scenes, chatting with crew members and others on the set, and relaxing between takes."

The best thing about this is that while most of us don't have the cash handy to try and nab it for ourselves, we might still see it. The winning bidder owns the rights and can license it for public media like DVDs and documentaries.
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