A few days ago, Latino Review broke the news that Patrick Fugit was being considered as the heir to the Spider-Man throne. His suitability was hotly debated, but apparently all for nothing if the Internet is to be believed.

CHUD happened to be on set of Cirque du Freak, which Fugit has just finished filming, and one of the producers sent off an inquiry as to the truth of the casting rumor. The e-mail was the first Fugit had heard about it -- which means little in the world of "insider scoops," as Fugit could still quite possibly be on a "to be considered" list. Every 20-something male in the world could be on it. Maybe there's a Cinematical reader just waiting to be plucked from obscurity!

Or not. According to sources over at IESB.net, which included everyone from CAA to Marvel, no actor has been approached. Not even Maguire. But so worried has Sony been about the rumor that they have supposedly been scrambling to have the Fugit story taken off the sites, down to every link and reference. A Sony rep also told IESB that the Fugit story is completely false. "No one is being considered for the role but Tobey. Period."
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