It's been nice to see that lately there's a lot of pitches getting picked up that tackle regular stories a little differently, and it looks like Touchstone's latest is no exception. Variety reports that in a preemptive $850,000 against $1.6 million deal, the company has picked up a comedy script written by Jack Amiel and Michael Begler (the scribes behind The Prince & Me, Raising Helen, and The Shaggy Dog) called Wedding Banned. (Pun alert!)

Unlike the upcoming I Hate You, Dad, this flick gets grief from both parental units. "A long-divorced couple kidnap their daughter on her wedding day to keep her from making the mistake of her life. The divorced parents rekindle their relationship as they elude cops and the angry groom." The premise is certainly different, and I could see it working under the right hands. It's like The Parent Trap mixed with oh, maybe The Graduate?

I could imagine a solidly funny movie with this premise, sort of like Meet the Parents. However, considering the films that these scribes have written, this will probably be a fluffy romcom/Brian Robbins sort of flick.
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