Came across a blog post over at the New York Post today that talked about a sequel for The Other Boleyn Girl, based on another novel from Philippa Gregory called The Boleyn Inheritance. They claim producers have approved the sequel and are moving ahead on it, despite the fact that the first one hasn't even made a profit yet. Strange, for sure, though keep in mind there's nothing official yet and, um, it's the New York Post we're talking about here.

Boleyn sequel aside, they did remind me of this fabulous SNL Digital Short featuring Natalie Portman as a hard-edged, gangsta version of herself. This is an older clip from one of their earlier digital shorts, but it's so awesome, so funny and so adorable that we just had to throw it up as the video of the day.

Question: Which Natalie do you prefer? The Boleyn girl or the rapper chick? (I should probably also ask if you'd like to see a sequel to The Other Boleyn Girl, too?)